About Us

We regret to inform you that we closed this location permanently on May 2018. But if you like the food and you need any catering business please contact us are our sister location (972) 401-0000 or visit us at www.italianitaliancafe.com in Las Colinas, Irving Texas.


Our Approach

Our Philosophy

Feed and serve every guest as though they were family, cook with fresh natural ingredients and use responsible business practices is our philosophy.

Our Story

As good cooks, our family heart it’s at our kitchen. We are third-generation chefs of Uncle Gino’s. Since 1959 we have continuously accumulated experience on Italian cuisine. Uncle Gino and his family brought their culture, food, dishes, and style of life from New York adding their authentic Italian flavor. Following the steps of Italians who cooked everything with fresh ingredients and the meat is bought from local butchers daily, they developed theirs own New York Italian Cuisine Style in USA. 


Serve & Support Our Local & Global Communities

Uncle Gino’s pride is to use fresh high quality ingredients, and made all pre-cooked sauces daily. The dishes are made to the order. We are proud to support our local farmers and use organic products as much as possible.

We are a neighborhood restaurant, family oriented, and we would like to share our spirit of family when you come to visit us with yours. We welcome kids and everyone in your family from the youngest to the oldest. Our happiest moments are when you bring your children with you, since they are our favorite guests.

Our goal is to be a good neighbor in your community by supporting local sport teams, schools, and people of all believes. We offer you a relax atmosphere and the best customer service in town. We employ local students to help them to become a better person, teaching them responsibility, customer services techniques, and great courtesy manners.


At my Uncle Gino’s,

At my Uncle Gino’s, cooking from our heart is the number one ingredient.


We buy the best!

 To make the best and... We leave it to you for the rest.



Once you place your order!

Your food will be ready in no time.